CHILDSAFEfoundation's humanitarian mission is to
help meet the developmental needs of the most
disadvantaged children survivors of war.
Child victims of land mines, cluster bombs, and
other uxo's.

Through our "
foundations for life" limb
replacement program these child victims receive
surgeries, pain medications, follow up medical
treatments, prosthetic limbs, and orthopedic
CHILDSAFE along with other non governmental
organizations work in expanding opportunities for
these children so they may have every chance to
experience the joy of life by maximizing their
personal gifts and potential.
CHILDSAFE making long term contributions
towards global peace by teaching for
peace through understanding". Our programs
assist children of all ages to develop mutual
understanding and respect.

Children are taught the joys and wonder of human
and cultural diversity and sometimes we just
teach them to laugh and be kids.
est. 1993
... it takes the whole community to raise and care for a child, the international community.
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